The Wind-Powered Sports Car - Tweaking Continues

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Dale Vince's Sports Car Project Delayed, But Continuing
UK wind entrepreneur Dale Vince may have made the Sunday Times Rich List, but that doesn't mean he get's everything he wants, when he wants it. In fact, his wind-powered sports car project has been in the 'final stages' for some time now. Maybe Dale is regretting his comments that the car would "not be another Tesla". No matter though, because progress is being made. And best of all, the team continues to document their progress in these illuminating videos - clearly hoping to inspire others to follow their lead. Read on for details of where the project is at. This comes direct from Dale's Zerocarbonista blog, where the ever optimistic Vince claims the wind-powered car will be on the road in a matter of weeks:

As you'll see here we're getting close to the end game now, in fact I'm ready to predict that episode 10 of 6 will see me driving the Wind Car for the first time !

The thing that's been holding us up this past month or so is the Battery Management System (BMS), in case you wondered. The solution we were chasing kind of fell apart a few weeks ago and we had to hunt around for some new technology. Bit scary this late in the day

But we're very much back on track now having found exactly what we need from Linear Technology. These guys went above and beyond by expressing us a bunch of pre production chips and a board, that's been a massive help. Thank you.

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