The Whopper by Phat Cycles

As we were just speaking of New Orleans, one or two of you might remember back to when Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda set out from Los Angeles for that fair city. In the seminal movie Easy Rider they cruised the highways and byways of America on chopper motorbikes. Here be the same thing but without all those nasty carbon emissions. Probably not the most practical mode of transport for a city courier or cross-country tourer. Though, as tipster Carl B put it, when referring to his friend who has a Phat Cycles bike, "He said it was like pedaling a La-Z-Boy around." They do seem like a wild ride -- even funsters like Jim Carrey and Robin Williams have been espied aboard such steeds. The Whopper shown here is but one model. (They have more than I've got front spokes.) It sports a Shimano Nexus 7 speed hub and front disc brakes. ::Phat Cycles