The Wheel Turns Your Bike into a Moped


Frequent readers are familiar with TreeHugger's love affair with bicycles, and we've been known to post about the odd Vespa hybrid and electric scooter as well. A new invention by RevoPower brings the two together. The Wheel is a device that easily converts most bikes into 20 mph mopeds, managing to pack a gasoline-powered 23cc, two-stroke internal combustion engine into the space between a standard wheel's spokes. The engine provides a boost at the flick of a switch, claiming that it'll hit 20 mph on a flat surface while coaxing 200 miles per gallon from the engine. While we aren't crazy about either the two-stroke or gasoline internal combustion part, it seems like a pretty nifty device, and if it will get people out and about on two wheels instead of four, all the better. Set to hit the shelves in late 2006 or early 2007, it'll set you back about $400 US to turn your bike into a moped. ::RevoPower (flash-heavy) via ::Popular Science and ::Gizmodo