The Twike

No, it's not a promo pic for a sequel of the sci-fi movie Gattaca. But it could be. Could also be an early adopter of Hypercar concepts, as long espoused by Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute. The Twike will propel two passengers along at speeds up to 80kph (55 mph) on a charge of its rechargeable NiCd (NiMH) batteries. Range is around 80km per charge, which reaches maximum after being plugged into a household socket for 2 hours. Conceived in Switzerland and built in Germany the Twike Active model can add 30% extra range due to its hybrid pedal power adaptation. The Twike is claimed to be the "most efficient motorised vehicle on the market", with its manufacturers suggesting it has an energy consumption equal to 0.43 litres per 100km (550 mpg). Running on motorbike wheels, it has an aluminium chassis and recyclable resin hull. Steering is via a joystick, once you have entered your PIN into the onboard computer. (how sci-fi!) As we write, seven Twikes are making a cross-continent journey to highlight their vehicles green technology. More pics below. ::Twike