The Toyota i-Real: Concept Vehicle For Whom?


Per the Wall Street journal, Toyota has one of the " concept cars to go on display at this year's Tokyo Motor Show, running from Oct. 26 to Nov. 11...The concept cars, though years away from the market, show how Japan's top auto makers are stretching their research and development to create models for the so-called green-car market that aren't just good for the environment but also make drivers feel good."

"Toyota Motor Corp...will unveil a one-seat electric vehicle called the i-REAL. Shaped like a sleek stroller with two wheels in front and one at the back, it can run on both sidewalks and streets and can move at higher speeds when the seat reclines."

ZER Customs reports that the design:- "Ensures safe handling—both to the driver and those around the vehicle—by employing perimeter monitoring sensors to detect when a collision with a person or object is imminent and alerts the driver by emitting a noise and vibrating; at the same time, alerts people around it of its movements through the pleasant use of light and sound."This is not to be confused with a wheel chair, a wigged-out stroller, or one of those 3-wheel scooters that elderly people rent in grocery stores. Stop. Of course it will be confused with them! i-Real-ing on the sidewalk will be called a security threat by Department of Homeland Security too: not for any rational reason. It's their job.

Via::Wall Street Journal, Eco-Friendly Hybrids Conceptualize Future At Tokyo Motor Show, Image credit::SciFi Blog

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