The Top Five Ways to Kill Traffic Congestion (Video)

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It's a topic that we've tackled more than once: The scourge of traffic congestion. With more and more of the world's population concentrated in cities, traffic congestion is worsening fast, and the trend is slated to continue. This of course leads to increased air pollution and carbon emissions. So, to say that we're always on the lookout for solutions -- especially for developing cities, where infrastructure remains to be put in place -- is something of an understatement. This Slate video highlights their top 5 ideas for killing congestion, and they're all good ones. Watch:

Yes, you've seen each of these ideas on TH before, and I support all of them (with a caveat for #3, but only because computerizing cars' control systems seems like an inefficient way to replicate what's essentially mass transit, without the similar emissions reductions).

An ardent supporter of high speed rail, I still believe the public stands to be inspired by sophisticated, effective rail transit. Eliminating free parking has long been a favored solution of urban planners who seek to curb traffic, and would act as a fine deterrent. Same goes for using a congestion tax to help pay for better and cheaper mass transit.

Finally, if you read the site with any regularity, you already know that we're firm believers in telecommuting (I'm doing it right now), and that technology is making the conventional office setting more and more archaic -- most tasks can now be achieved with the same amount of ease at home for the majority of workplaces.

That said, I wonder if Slate missed any -- what are your favorite practical solutions for killing congestion?

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