The Slow Movement Comes To Cars


It all started with slow food, a preoccupation with where food comes from and how it tastes. It turned into a movement and spawned slow design, slow cities, slow fashion, slow travel and more. We proposed slow cars, "a radical lowering of the speed limit so that the private car can survive in an era of peak oil and global warming, simply by being smaller and slower."

Dutch designers Jurgen Bey and Studio Makkink have gone further yet, and designed the slow car. Harry at Mocoloco writes that it is "a vehicle design that flies in the face of conventional car design by shunning the desire for speed and instead promoting the benefits of moving at a snail's pace"

I captured a bit of a longer video showing the slow car in action. See and hear the whole thing at the Prooff for Office Change site at 2:56 into the film.

The slow car will be the mobile office in which we travel. Bey says:

If you think about it, most of the time you are going 25 miles per hour because the circumstances force you to. It would be better if the car wouldn't go any faster. You've got a machine capable of going 125 mile per hour, so you are constantly restraining yourself and getting frustrated. But if you went full speed all the way at 25 MPH, a kind of calm would result, as well as room for reflection.


A giant leap forward in automotive design. Found via Shedworking

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