The Simplicity and Beauty of Riding A Bike In The City (Video)


photo via Moriza at flickr

Our friends at Grist have posted a great video that artfully captures the joy of bike riding in the city. Grist writer Sarah Goodyear wrote about a video from Noa Cortes, blogger at NYC Cycle Chic, which shows the high fashions worn by many of the beautiful people riding a bike in an urban landscape.

Introducing New York Cycle Chic from New York Cycle Chic on Vimeo.

NYC Cycle Chic was inspired by the now famous Copenhagen Cycle Chic, which shows the daily fashion stylings of the Danes as they peddle around a city they have made a cycling mecca. In fact, the World Championships of professional road cycling will be held in Copenhagen later this year. (Go Tom Boonen!) New York is becoming a cycling hot spot too, and here's a great New York Times' story showing how hot some of the fashions are the on peddlers.

Cortes' words, posted below, say it all. As you may have read, bike lanes are under attack in New York, and they need to be defended. All this at a time of high gas prices, unrest in oil producing countries, and a worsening climate crisis. Now is the time to ride bikes and look good doing it.

Now as a young adult, I understanding how great cycling is, not just for one's health and because of the environmental benefits, but just for socializing and enjoying life. Sometimes I think that transportation politics can overshadow the beauty of just getting on your bike and going about your everyday life. ...

It is that simple relationship that humans have with their bicycle that has motivated me to photograph cyclists and promote cycling as an essential tool for living in New York City.

Please enjoy the video and support our friends at Grist who turned us onto this great video.