The RowRay Landcart -- Wheels For Those With Stronger Arms Than Legs

rowray bike photo

Images via Gizmag

For anyone who likes the idea of biking as transportation, but would rather row than pedal, there's a cool concept just for you -- the RowRay. Designer Troels Øhman came up with the three-wheeled landcart concept brings a little of the fun of boating to dry land. The designer even takes it a step further and it is envisions it as part of a product service system of fun transportation vehicles anyone can use, similar to a bike share system. The design was shown off at Yanko.

rowray bike photo

According to Gizmag, "the idea for RowRay came to [the designer] while looking for 'known exercise forms where you use your whole body. Legs, arms, back and abs. After a while I tried rowing and totally fell in love with it.' Life on the water just didn't seem accessible enough, however, so he toyed with the idea of a land-craft that used the same navigation principle as rowing and was also powered by the arms."

And if we're looking for building some upper body strength while being stared at, this would be a great way to do it.

The prototype is made of a metal frame with a sliding seat, cog-driven front wheels and a wider rear wheel. Pulling both oars gets you moving forward, while pulling just the left or right oar helps you steer.

rowray bike photo

Øhman suggests that one day this could be part of a landcart-sharing system, with a smartphone app used to reserve and unlock a cart. If the vehicle is returned undamaged, the ride is free, but if it's banged up, the user will be charged. He also told Gizmag that he's looking for someone to help him make these carts a reality. It would indeed be a lot of fun to see people rowing alongside their pedaling counterparts.

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