The Problem? Gasoline is Basically Free


Articles in Auto sections of newspapers are usually rah-rah reviews of the latest pickup, spacers between the ads. Not the earth day edition of the Toronto Star, which had article after article saying things like "I watch people drive their children to every sport imaginable to make sure they're getting enough exercise. We're idiots." More shocking in such a section was Jim Kenzie wondering why we don't buy small efficient cars.

The car industry can build more efficient vehicles, and is in fact doing so. So, why don't we buy more of them? Because, as I have said a million times, gasoline is basically free. Despite all the whining, gasoline is as cheap now as it has ever been, on an inflation-adjusted basis. It is the cheapest fluid you can buy at a gasoline station. Water is three bucks a litre, fer cryin' out loud. As long as gasoline is free, we're going to keep on driving all by ourselves to work in a 2,000 kg truck, or picking up little Brittney at Havergal [local private school] in a 500-horse SUV, engine idling while you wait, air-con set at full cryogenic.

Surprising reading from a car columnist. ::The Star

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