The Prius Could be Getting Smaller and Bigger


The success of Toyota’s Pruis hybrid may compel the company to expand the line. New members of the Prius family could include a mini city car, and some species of crossover sport utility. reported that the executive vice president of U.S. sales, Jim Lentz, said that the inertia of the Prius’ success could justify a diversifying of the brand, and help the company meet its goal to triple annual sales. Bloomberg quotes Lentz, saying that a smaller (and more efficient) cousin of the Prius would fit with “a trend toward people moving into inner-city lofts.'' He also said a beefier version could fill the want for people who “want to see more utility on the vehicle, so you could imagine something that's a little more utility or crossover-based.'' Pictured above is Toyota’s Endo, a concept car turned real that will be seen soon on the Asian market. No word on what alternate incarnations of the Prius might look/perform like, but the Endo could be a clue. :: Bloomberg via Hugg (Linton)