The Phoenix Quad Pedicab — It's a Recumbent


At first glimpse this reminded us of the Rhoades Quadbike, but a closer look revealed two very obvious differences. One - the Phoenix is designed as pedicab (a western rickshaw) for toting other people around the place. And two, It's a recumbent (rider is reclined). 24 gears help propel the passengers along while the rear frame is "articulated and floats via 4 poly resin shackle bushings" for added comfort. Maneuvering the four wheels is "via 3 headsets using tie rod Ackerman race car type steering. (Turning radius can be achieved in about a standard lane & half street.)" All of which is accomplished through USS (Under Seat Steering). The Phoenix takes about 1 month to build, and about $3,000 USD to own. Although it comes standard as passenger/family transport, the rear can easily be adapted to a boxed configuration for hauling all sorts of cargo. While you are over at Transport Cycling's site, make sure you visit the very cool 'Pocket SWB Recumbent Folder'. One of the cutest little bicycles we've seen in a long while (couple of pics & link below the fold). ::Transport Cycling's Pedicab via Tipster JK.


The Pocket SWB Recumbent Folder.