The Petaluma Prius-Killer is on the Loose!

Prius fender damage

In other news, there is one (or many) vandals that have something against Toyota Prius hybrids in Petaluma, California. The Press Democrat reports that there has been six police reports of Prius hybrids being damaged in the past two weeks, and there might be cases that haven't been reported.

Five of the cars were parked on the West side of town, and in most cases a brick, hammer or rock was thrown through a window, while one time, a fender was dented. If you live in Petaluma and have a Prius, stay vigilant! And if you are in the area and know anything that could help with this case, you can let the police know at 778-4372. ::Vandals strike 6 hybrid cars, via ::Prius pillage pre-meditated in Petaluma

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