The Newest, Shiniest Metros in the World (A Slideshow)

worlds newest subways metros berlin u55 photo

While subways in the world's developed countries are starting to look like the dinosaurs of urban infrastructure (with expansion delays and budget crises to boot), new metro systems continue to spread across the world. As emerging cities seek to answer the needs of booming populations -- or ease the traffic and environmental strains of private cars -- 11 municipalities have opened new underground and light-rail lines in the past two years. And instead of putting the damper on expansion projects, the global economic crisis has actually promised to spur further investment in public transit by governments eager to stimulate their economies. Over the next decade, some of these groundbreaking lines will become part of large metro networks that promise to make the world's reigning metro champions look downright ancient.

World's Newest, Shiniest Subways and Metros (Slideshow)