The New Nissan LEAF TV Ad is Awesome (Video)

What if everything ran on gas?
Pretty sharp ad from the Nissan folks here -- it's probably the best "green" TV ad yet produced. Why? It effectively points out just how anachronistic the gas-powered internal combustion engine is. Every other modern appliance we've come to rely on is electric, and doesn't belch exhaust in our face -- so what are we waiting for with our cars? Yes, yes, there will be complaints about EVs not being much different so as long as they're 'out-sourcing' their pollution to the coal plants. But in context of the ad, that's nit-picking (it's also a pretty shallow anti-EV argument, but that's for another post), especially since the focus is on exhaust.

This ad stirs up a gut response from a simple truth: People don't like breathing in exhaust, and billowing smog seems outmoded; we should be able to do better in the modern era. Emphasizing the visceral is a strategy that climate campaigners and green "marketing" folks should take note of further down the road.

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