The Most Bizarre Green Cars of the Future (VIDEO)


Image via EGM Cartech

What will green transportation look like in the far-off future? According to the designs showcased in this video, we're going to have carbon neutral flying saucers, cars that double as submarines, and a 'four-in-one' electric car loaded with nanotechnology. There's also two wheeled zero carbon mobiles, weird, pod-like vehicles, and--well, just see for yourself. Video after the jump.Take a look at the most bizarre future car concepts. They've strangely included the Ford Nucleon, which was designed way back in the '50s, and was supposed to draw its power from a nuclear reactor it hauled around in the trunk. Wonder why that one never took off. Anyhow, without further ado, here's what the future of the automobile looks like, at least, according to some women with a British accent. (Via Ecofriend)

Well, there you have it, the future of green cars as dreamed up by sci-fi and comic book aficionados. The real future of transportation, however, probably looks more like this. I'd gladly take the flying saucer out for a spin in the future, though--that is, if I could ever remember which reef I parked my damn diving car in.

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