The Moederfiets or Motherbike


Couldn’t resist this very endearing photo by Bala Nallama. Particularly as last night, when walking through a shopping centre carpark I spied a pair of LCD screens light up in the back of a hulking great 4WD. The Motherbike is a brightly shining beacon in the gloom of such parent-child ‘disconnect’. Okay, it’ll work best in European cities, like those found in the Netherlands, from where it originates. But that’s the whole point - designing cities for people to live in, rather than pandering to the needs of lumbering machines. Rant over, back to the bike: The ‘Filiduo’ model seen here is crafted to transport two kids (9 months to 5 years) on the back, and the groceries on the front. It sports three gears, hub brakes and a chain guard. Euro 1,145. Via the fun bike blog of cleverchimp. More (in Dutch) at ::Moederfiets