The Makers of Record-Breaking Electric Motorcycles Will Become Suppliers of EV Technologies

missionEVT photo

A MissionEVT Motor and Controller. Photo: MissionEVT
A Bigger Market Than Super-Motorcycles, For Sure
Mission Motors, the makers of the record-breaking Mission One electric motorcycle, are expanding their operations by launching MissionEVT, a division that will design and supply high performance EV powertrains, including energy storage systems, drive systems and software intelligence, to the OEM market.
mission motors electric motorcycle photo

Photo: Mission Motors
missionEVT photo

A MissionEVT Lithium Ion Battery Module. Photo: MissionEVT

"Mission Motors has made tremendous strides in innovating electric powertrain technology," said Jit Bhattacharya, Mission Motors' CEO. "With MissionEVT, our company will be able to expand into new markets, bringing the advances we have made in EV technology to multiple vehicle platforms and manufacturers. This creates a tremendous high-volume opportunity for Mission's powertrain technology, while solving a critical need for vehicle manufacturers trying to keep pace with the rapid electrification of vehicles."

missionEVT photo

A MissionEVT power unit. Photo: MissionEVT

This is great for the electric vehicle market. One more quality supplier of parts and technologies. We all benefit when innovations can cross-breed and be spread rapidly across many vehicles (ie. If MissionEVT creates a great power controller or battery module, they can then sell it to more than one client, while if that technology had been developed in-house by Nissan or Ford, it would take longer for it to spread).

And in general, just having more quality suppliers of EV parts and technologies will help new entrants to specialize in things other than core drivetrain technologies (such as design and service).

Via MissionEVT
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