The "LOL OIL" Tesla Vanity License Plate

Photo: Imgur, via Digg
Better to Laugh than to Cry
Getting off oil is one of the hardest things that our petroleum-addicted society will have to do. It's a challenge of epic proportions, and it's going to be hard especially in the transportation sector where oil utterly dominates as a source of energy. We'll need to change our cities (make them more like Copenhagen), and change our vehicles (allow them to be powered by clean(er) sources, like electricity from renewables). All of this will be hard, but there's at least one early adopter out there who seems to be enjoying the ride. He can be found in California in an orange Tesla Roadster with a license plate that says "LOL OIL". Via Digg. See also: Toyota RAV4 EV with Tesla Powertrain Coming to the U.S. in 2012

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