The i-MiEV Electric Car Goes on Sale in 15 European Countries

mitsubishi i-miev electric car photo

Photo: Ypy31, public domain.
The Electric Jellybean Comes to Europe
European electro-enthusiasts (and I'm not talking about music fans) take note, Mitsubishi Motors announced today that sale of the European-spec i-MiEV electric car will begin in 15 European countries. Production started last fall, and it seems like the company is now has stockpiled enough EV jellybeans to begin shipping them.
Mitsubishi i MiEV Electric Car photo

Photo: Mitsubishi
In addition to the first 15 countries the car is to be sold in, there have been requests to introduce the i-MiEV from Finland, Serbia, Turkey, and Slovenia. In response to these requests, MMC plans to ship units to these countries in the near future, making the European countries the i-MiEV will be sold in to 19. Later on, the i-MiEV shall be sequentially introduced further within Mitsubishi Motors Europe's territory. (source)

As for the U.S. version of the i-MiEV, we know that it should hit our shores in 2011 with a base price target of below US$30,000, prior to the federal tax credit and other incentives available in California and other states. No specific launch date yet, though.

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Via Mitsubishi
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