The Good and the Greasy: The Sustainable Biodiesel Summit Aims to Raise the Bar


By now, most readers will be aware that biodiesel is not a magic bullet solution to climate change, and it does not come without its own problems and challenges. From unsustainable palm oil production, through fears of food vs. fuel, to vegans getting upset about putting chicken fat in their tanks, it seems the leading lights of the biodiesel industry certainly have more than enough to discuss as they convene for the Sustainable Biodiesel Summit this weekend. Held before the National Biodiesel Board’s annual conference, the summit certainly seems to have all the right intentions:

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"The summit focuses not biodiesel for its own sake, but biodiesel as a means to realize greater environmental stewardship, shared economic development (particularly through smaller, community-scale businesses), and a stable, secure, self-reliant energy future."

With the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance getting into full swing last year, we are delighted to see efforts from responsible biodiesel proponents to promote best practice and true sustainability, and to differentiate themselves from their ecologically dubious competitors. ::Sustainable Biodiesel Summit::with thanks to tipster Rachel from Piedmont Biofuels::

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