The Girasole: An Electric Car That Warns With The Sound Of Horse Hooves!


Yoshio Takaoka, in collaboration with Italy's Start Lab SAP, has crafted a fully functional electric car that packs built-in "horse hoof" sound effects. The two-seater reaches speeds of 65 km per hour (41 mp/h) and travels distances of up to a 120 km on a full battery, which costs about $1. The car uses the the sound of horse hooves hitting the pavement to alert pedestrians and other drivers. The Girasole, which means sunflower in Italian, retails for about $18,000 but drivers can claim a $6,600 subsidy from the government under an environmental protection clause. Japanese consumers who test drove the car were impressed by its quietness. Since the top speed is only 41 mph, if it came to the U.S. it would likely be limited to NEV status (meaning it can only be driven on side streets where the speed limit does not exceed 35MPH). :: Via: Reuters