The Fuel Movie: From Used Grease to Algae Gasoline (Video)

Image credit: Mother Board

What do you do once you've traveled across America on used grease? Why, you start all over again using algae, of course. Many years back I bought Josh Tickell's classic book—From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank. This was long before the days of Whole Foods going biodiesel, or high profile arrests of grease pirates, and it was an eye opener, for me at least, to learn that you can power your car from waste fat. But Josh didn't stop there—he went on to create a documentary that won Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008. (See Matthew's review of The Fuel Film) The only trouble was, this was only weeks before the biofuels controversies hit the headlines. Click below the fold to see how Tickell and his fellow campaigners responded. The folks at Mother Board (which is co-edited by my fellow Treehugger Alex) sat down with Tickell and his fellow campaigners to learn how they re-edited their movie to take into account the larger biofuels debate. Unsurprisingly, Tickel and friends see the hand of big business driving the anti-biofuels headlines, and they argue that there is a strong distinction between sustainable biofuels as just one part of a broad range of integrated renewable energy solutions, compared to the idea of corn ethanol as a drop-in replacement for gasoline.

Crucially, Tickell is now also experimenting with everyone's favorite next-gen biofuel source - algae - running his Prius in a cross-country roadtrip on some of the first algae gasoline in the world from the folks at Solazyme.

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