The First CNG Train Starts Functioning in Peru

Tren a gas.gif
The first locomotive in the world powered with gas has just started to operate in Peru, managed by Ferrocarril Central Andino company. The locomotive is powered with concentrated natural gas (CNG) from the deposit of Camisea, in the central forest, and will run within the passage that unites Lima with the Peruvian central saw, transporting merchandise. The operations at the moment are only of merchandise transportation, as the lack of a tunnel......that crosses the Andes causes the trip to be too heavy for passengers: a voyage to Huancayo, for example, which is 315 kilometers from Lima, is fifteen hours long. In spite of that, the use of gas will suppose an environmental improvement in the area, allowing to reduce transportation costs, bringing power independence and reducing polluting emissions.
The project of the locomotive conversion from diesel to gas began two years ago, and the cost of the investigation and work process ascended to around a half million dollars. This provides another Latin American approach to CNG conversion, which adds to CNG Bikes and the development of this fuel in the area (Argentina, for example, is the number one country with converted vehicles).