The Drive-Thru for Cyclists: A Table Uses Your Bike As a Chair


Images Courtesy of Daisuke Ito, Store Muu Design Studio

Motorists have drive-thru restaurants. Pedestrians have counters. But cyclists have never had anywhere they could just roll in and get a bite to eat. Now, Japanese design firm Store Muu has filled the gap with a design that does double duty as a table and bicycle stand. It's called the Pit In, and it's a table that replaces the oh-so conventional chair with our favorite two-wheeled form of transport. Because why should you ever have to get off your bike?


Looking at the design as a single unit, I was a bit perplexed as to how the Pit In would actually be useful, and wrote off Store Muu's line that "this table will open up a new life style of bicycle" as silly. But seeing them in "bench" form, with several lined up, I got it.


It's meant for outdoor public spaces, where cyclists can stop in for breakfast on the way to work or to check their e-mail. No worries about locking up your bike, no fears that your spot will be swiped by some gas-guzzling motorist.

That being said, really comfortable bike seats are hard to come by, and commuting cyclists might appreciate the chance to dismount once in a while. But I can't be too hard on any design that's so clever in the way it encourages people to get on their bikes, and to stay on them.


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