The Dream DOT Director? DC's Gabe Klein Interview (Video)

Gabe Klein Director of Washington DC DOT photo

Image credit: StreetFilms
Capital's DOT Director Discusses "Leveling the Playing Field"
As I said in my post about the San Francisco intersection turned park, the best thing about StreetFilms videos is that they don't just show you cool things - but they help you understand why they are cool and how they are done. The same goes for their recent film about a pedestrian-only street in Curitiba. The latest offering from Clarence and Co. is an equally insightful interview with Washington DC's Director of Transportation Gabe Klein.With a background in bikes, Zip Cars, and electric vehicles - Gabe seems like the dream candidate to be running the capital's transportation system.
While far from anti-car, Gabe is encouragingly open about his desire to "level the playing field" for pedestrians, transit users and cyclists. And if this video is anything to go by, DC's prominent, well designed and integrated transport system is changing the way people think about mobility in the city. And it should - Gabe describes his job as "giving people freedom through transportation." Amen to that. Gabe's remit includes hybrid buses, subway systems, and car and bike sharing fleets that are conveniently located next to each other (see also Mike's post on the expansion of the DC bike share program).

As a communications person, it's also great to see the effort being put in to branding and communications - making sure alternatives to private car ownership are prominent, attractive, accessible, and easy to understand is a vital part of kicking our dependence on fossil fuels.

What's Your Experience of DC Transportation?
Inevitably when we post on apparent success stories, we hear from folks who are less than impressed. So any DC folks out there care to share their experiences of the subway, the zip car or the bike sharing schemes? Is DC the transportation heaven this video makes it out to be? You know where the comments box is - we'd be delighted to hear from you.

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