The Delta E4 Coupe. An Ultra-Efficient Electric Sports Car (Video)


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From the Nissan Leaf road test to holding forth on the connection between electric cars, oil, war and mobile phones, Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged show has showcased some cutting edge technology and issues in the electric car world. His latest episode is no exception, highlighting a rather remarkable looking vehicle that is not just designed to go fast, but also to go as far as it can on as little juice as possible. It looks awesome. And here's the kicker—the government paid to get it built.
Government-Funded Electric Car innovation
As llewellyn explains, design of the Delta E4 coupe was funded by the UK Government's Technology Strategy Board as part of their remit to help develop and demonstrate ultra-low energy vehicles. The car—created by Delta Motorsport—is not just interesting for its complete lack of an internal combustion engine. It's also designed to be supremely aerodynamic and as lightweight as possible. In fact, says Delta technical director Nick Carpenter, it is the car's carbon fiber construction that has attracted most attention from major automotive companies looking to learn lessons from what has been done.

As always, Llewellyn does a fabulous job of being the affable, entertaining host. And he's just geeky enough to get some of the most relevant details, without forgetting that most of us are just not that interested in the technical minutia.

Judging by some of the negative comments posted when Engaget covered this video a while back, some folks would prefer to see more car and less Robert Llewellyn. This is a show about electric cars, so to some degree they may have a point. But come on! This is Robert Llewellyn. Some people have no appreciation for a comedy legend.

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