The Couchbike Maritime Adventure


Wow! Now that is cool. "The Couchbike pokes fun at our sedentary culture but also exemplifies the broad scope of possibilities for human power." These two fellows toured the maritimes (in Eastern Canada) on their couch. The story starts with them being arrested by a RCMP officer: "Constable Demeau seemed at odds with himself over how to handle us. Though our couchbike may have posed an imminent threat to public safety, he had to admit that it was indeed 'a nice rig'. He said that it might be against his better judgment, but that he was going to let us go. 'Do whatever you guys think is best.' He said. We assured him that we'd keep an eye on traffic and pull off into the ditch when cars came by." Nice rig indeed. For a little pictorial of the couchbike's adventures, see below. For the whole travelogue and a short video, see the Couchbike website.







::Couchbike, via ::Car Buyer's Notebook