The Cincinnati Streetcar: Making the Case with Numbers (Video)

Cincinnati Streetcar tax payer money image

Image credit: Get Sick Productions

All too often I find advocacy for green or environmental projects lags somewhat behind protest against less green initiatives. After all, it's relatively easy to win eyeballs by climbing on corporate roofs to expose toxins in computers , and somewhat harder to make the case for integrated mass transportation or other positive steps forward. (Having said that, our friends at StreetFilms have a long history of positive advocacy for greener cities.) That's why it's so nice to watch Get Sick Productions forceful and strongly argued case for the Cincinnati streetcar. No appeals to conscience or altruism here—decent public transportation is presented as the only sensible way forward for a modern, growing city. Add a pinch of rivalry with Portland, Charlotte and Tampa, and you have the perfect recipe for successful civil advocacy. The soundtrack might not be to my tastes, but otherwise this is simple but powerful stuff. Checking all the appropriate boxes, from urban decline to social justice to economic growth to freeing up land used for parking, not to mention the all important "keeping up with the Joneses" argument, this really is great campaigning. The only question really, with Streetcars making a come back across North America, is why a video like this is even necessary. Who wouldn't want a Streetcar in their town?

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