The Champiot — An Arm Powered Quadcycle

Trying to compensate for a recent hiatus of bicycle posts, we return to human powered transport with a non-bicycle (four wheels, not two) and a vehicle that is powered not by legs, but arms. No need to flex muscles pulling a rowing exerciser precisely nowhere. With the Champiot you can have a full upper body work-out, and go places at the same time. Take the gym outside (and we don’t mean like those poor souls aboard the Bus Bike). The manufacturers are so delighted with the health benefits of using a Champiot, they cite a long list of ailments it can reduce the suffering of. These include insomnia, gall bladder stones and even decreased sexual drive. A more obvious benefit is to those Treehuggers with paraplegia, or others who have diminished use of their legs, who still want the fun and exercise offered by people propelled machines. In case you were wondering, both the propulsion and the steering are achieved via the handlebars. Not a new thang, it was originally developed way back 1947. $600 USD.::Champiot