The Cars That Ate Paris* — Challenge Bibendum


*The title refers to an obscure and wacky movie made by Peter Weir, film director behind the likes of 'Master and Commander' and 'The Truman Show'. A black satire around our addiction to a car based economy. It seemed apt here because thirty years on, the Challenge Bibendum is trying to come to grips with that same obession. Justin mentioned it the other day, when he noted the Five Fuel Volvo. The event, sponsored by Michelin, is all about technological advancements for "sustainable road mobility." This year, in Paris, they are addressing 1. what might be the primary energies for the vehicles of the future, 2. urban mobility and 3. the quality of air, noise emissions, traffic congestion and safety inherent such travel. We can only hope some of the technologies the event showcases are indeed forward thinking. Though when one reads that "The Challenge Bibendum was born out of the will of all the players in the automobile world, from manufacturers to energy suppliers, as well as their technical partners, to enhance and clarify the current debate" and it was created "to demonstrate the wide range of technological solutions that will enable the 1.5 billion cars on the road in 2030 (twice as many as today). That might suggest it would be prudent to watch proceedings with eyes wide open. But if cars, like that Volvo are your thing, then there is much learn at ::Challenge Bibendum, via i4u.

PS. we dug around to find out more about the pic we used by missed any direct reference. Maybe someone else will have more luck.