The Car Sharing Shootout


TreeHugger knows that car-sharing is a good deal -- it gives you the perks of having a car, without having to license, insure or maintain it -- but which one is best? Website Torontoist went in search of an answer, hosting "The Car Sharing Shootout," an old-fashioned car-sharing smackdown between Toronto encumbent AutoShare and relative newcomer Zipcar (we've mentioned them before). After putting both services through their paces, crunching some numbers and comparing them side-by-side, the winner is: too close to call. "Zipcar and AutoShare are similar and effective enough to make choosing between the two simply a matter of personality," they say; each one differs slightly in pricing, billing, and availability, and quirky differences between the two might swing the vote one way or the other for each individual: AutoShare offers non-peak rates from midnight to 7 AM, while Zipcar doesn't charge a monthly fee, for example. Read the whole article to figure out which one is right for you (though you can't really go wrong with either). ::Torontoist via ::AutoblogGreen