The Amazing High-Tech Crosswalk Makes Pedestrians Safer

You Don't Even Have to Press a Button...
You'd think that cosswalk technology would be pretty static. How can you improve a crosswalk? Sure you can put blinking lights and signs on each side of the road, but there's so much visual pollution in cities that these wouldn't change much. Well, there's a way! This crosswalk in Seattle takes crosswalks to the next level. Crosswalk 2.0, if you want. Check out the video above by our friends at Streetfilms.Walkwable Cities
A green walkable city isn't just about big urban planning and zoning. It's also about small things like this crosswalk that reduce the 'friction' of walking around just a little bit. Each time you make pedestrians incrementally safer, or make their journeys more convenient, you are encouraging more walking.

This crosswalk isn't magically going to solve all problems for pedestrians, but small things adds up, and beyond a certain point, that's what we call a walkable neighborhood or city. You can walk anywhere, but some places are just better designed for it.

If You've Seen One of Those, Let Us Know
Please leave a comment if you've seen one of those. I'm curious to know how widespread they are...

Via Streetfilms
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