The All-Electric, 3-Wheeled One-Seater: Honda Reveals the 3R-C (Video)


I know what you're thinking. That's a lot of hyphens in the headline. Or maybe that Honda's 3R-C electric vehicle concept is straight off the set from a RoboCop movie? Or Tron? Or at least that this thing is odd, futuristic, awkward, and most definitely intriguing. Yes, the 3R-C appears to be all of these things, and there seem to be more questions left than answers after Honda officially unveiled it here in Geneva.In person, the thing kinda looks like a big toy, which is not to say it's not one of the coolest big toys I've ever seen. It's such a cool big toy, in fact, that grown men would likely be seen making friends with that annoying guy up the block who has one, just so they could play with it.

Being touted as another potential for urban mobility, the 3R-C is another maybe-it-could-happen-someday vehicle that looks like it'd be really fun to scoot around in. Here's a quick rundown of the idea behind the beast, via TechEBlog:

The three-wheeler debuted at Geneva, and was set up next to another all-electric concept, the EV-N, both which are pictured here:


The thing is pretty cool--and does seem to be able to address unique mobility needs rather efficiently. Hopefully Honda will bring it out of the woodwork someday.

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