Test Drive for the End of Oil

An Imperial Oil (Exxon) refinery in Nanticoke caught fire last week; co-incidentally Canadian National Railways was hit by a strike. Suddenly Ontario was short of gasoline and couldn't bring in extra supplies by rail. Not a big deal in a diversified economy with lots of gas stations right? Well, wrong. As the Esso (Exxon) stations closed due to lack of supplies, there was a run on all of the other stations and they started running out. As people found out which stations had gas, they drove the extra distance to them to stock up and caused traffic jams as there were long lineups of people idling their cars in the streets trying to get into the station, all of which, of course, burns more gas. The price has gone up from 74 cents a litre to $ 1.10 in a week. ($ 4.16 per American gallon)

The CBC's Andy Barrie interviewed one of the people from powerful film The End of Suburbia who welcomed us to the future, what it will be like not when we run out of oil, but when we just start finding it a little bit tighter than it is now. It has not taken very much to completely disrupt the system here. :;Globe and Mail

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