Teslas, TH!NKs, and Folding Bikes: Top 5 Electric Vehicle Videos

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Jeremy Clarkson may not want you to know it, but the days when electric car meant 'glorified golf cart' are looking like they are well and truly over. And there's no shortage of enthusiasts out there capturing the automotive revolution on their cameras. So we thought we'd take a trawl back through some of our favorite electric vehicle videos.

Fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen. It's a wild ride.
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100mph Nemesis Finally Hits the Road
Former hippy drop-out Dale Vince joined the ranks of the UK's richest by building wind turbines, and since then he's been spending his money developing a one-of-a-kind electric sports car. This video captured the moment that the Nemesis finally hit the road. Sadly, the project has since been facing set backs, with finalizing the battery recharge system proving more of a challenge than originally thought. But it's still a symbol of what can be done when you put your mind to it. And when he's not building toys for boys, Mr Vince can usually be found extolling the virtues of veganism, or developing plans to supply biogas direct to UK households.

ElectricAid Reviews TH!NK City
What do you get if you take a bunch of passionate (and funny!) Norwegian EV enthusiasts, the relatively affordable TH!NK City Electric Car, a video camera, and a few days of driving? A great video, it seems. Sadly, things have not always run smoothly for the TH!NK project, with bankruptcy for the Norwegian electric car maker being discussed not too long ago. But a major funding boost for TH!NK, and tentative moves to enter the US electric car market, suggest things may be on the up for this nippy contender.

Carpool Interviews Diarmuid O'Connell of Tesla Motors
True to form, Robert Llewellyn's online interview/car-geek show Carpool went beyond the usual review, to discuss everything from geopolitics to the future of transportation with former Colin Powell staffer and Tesla Motors' Vice President of Business Development Diarmuid O'Connell.

First Tesla Model S Customer Gets Test Ride
Having been first to put his name down for a Tesla Model S—the more down-to-earth cousin of the Tesla Roadster—Steve Jurvetson got to take first test ride at the unveiling. Luckily, he took a camera with him. Check out Mike's original post on the launch of the Tesla Model S for more details.

The Mr Motorvator Electric Folding Brompton
Let's not forget that the greenest car is no car at all. So while it may be fun to check out all the fancy new developments in automotive technology, let's also look at the simpler end of electrified transportation, like this hacked Brompton folding bike. With just a little electric assistance, your humble bike becomes a versatile commuting machine that let's you get to work without breaking a sweat, and avoids the need to splash out on a fancy-schmancy electric sports car. Of course, you could use a regular bike too...

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