Tesla's Next Electric Car to be Called "Model S", New Factory to Open in North California

Tesla Motors Logo photo

Tesla Electric Car Factory in the Bay Area
This story is still breaking, but here's what we know so far: The Tesla Motors electric car factory that was supposed to be built in New Mexico will instead be built in California, in the Bay Area, thanks to help from governor Schwarzenegger (a $9 million incentive package is mentioned by TechCrunch).

Whitestar Electric Sedan now "Model S"
From the start, we knew that Tesla's plan was to start at the top of the market with the Electric Roadster, and then progressively move down. The second step is an all-electric sedan (we've heard comparisons to the BMW 5), and so far it was always code-named the "Whitestar". Today we learn (via Engadget) that the official name will be "Model S". It "will be selling for $60,000, and will manage 225 miles on a full charge." We'll let you know when we learn more.

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