Tesla "confident" Model S production will double to 800 per week by late 2014

Tesla factory
© Tesla

That's over 40,000 EVs per year!

Now that the Model S is on the market and getting great reviews, Tesla's main challenge is to ramp up production as quickly and efficiently as possible. That's the next phase of their strategic plan, and once they are selling more Model S and making more money (from economies of scales), they can re-invest into their third electric car platform which will be made in even greater numbers and sold for a lot less (the general estimate is in the $30k range).

Tesla factory assembly line© Tesla

The latest news on Tesla's production rate comes from an interview with Elon Musk where he says that right now they are "above 400 a week at the current manpower, and not trivially above it," and that he's "very confident" that they'll get to 800/week by late 2014. Tesla’s Californian factory hosts 3,000 employees right now, including about 2,000 assembly workers, with two daily production shifts, Musk said. It has a capacity of 500,000 cars a year, so there's still a lot of room to grow into it.

So 52 weeks times 800 electric cars equals 41,600 Model S electric sedans (or maybe some of those will be Model X EVs by then...)! That's never been done. Not bad at all for a company that everybody was saying would go out of business just a few years ago.

Tesla Model S FactoryVimeo/Tesla/Screen capture

Via Bloomberg

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