Tesla's gigantic factory in California shot in glorious 4K video by a drone

Tesla Fremont factory
Screen capture Youtube

The Tesla factory in Fremont, California, used to be called the NUMMI plant. It was a very innovative joint venture between GM and Toyota, where both companies learned from each other and worked on shared projects. It is actually the second largest building on Earth by footprint, and like the Tesla Gigafactory which is under construction, just seeing it from ground level really doesn't do it justice. That's why this beautiful drone footage from Stephen Powelson (a former Tesla employee) is so cool. It's also a good reminder that what used to be done by do-it-yourself types in their garages is now definitely going large scale.

I encourage you to check it out in full screen at high resolution:

A bit eerie how there's nobody around, but that's because this was shot on July 3rd, which was a holiday.

But you know what's missing from the Tesla factory? Solar panels on the roof! They should give a call to a certain other company where Elon Musk is chairman...

Here's a striking image showing a bunch of Model S (with paint protection on the hood) that appear ready to be shipped:

Model S electric cars parkingYoutube/Screen capture

Tesla definitely has a thing for very large buildings; the battery Gigafactory currently under construction in Nevada was going to be extremely large, but we've recently learned that it could be expanded into the largest building on Earth. Here's a flyover of the site a few weeks ago:

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Via Youtube, Gas2

Tesla's gigantic factory in California shot in glorious 4K video by a drone
One of the largest buildings on Earth is now dedicated to making electric cars.

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