Tesla's 'Dual Motor' Model S: "It's like a roller coaster!" (video)

Tesla Model S P85D
Screen capture Youtube

For almost all of the past century, if you wanted to impress someone with a car's acceleration and give them the kind of visceral thrills that they might otherwise experience in, say, downhill skiing or on a roller coaster, you needed a big gas-guzzling engine that made a ruckus and belched pollution. Today, the ultimate in whiplash-inducing 0-to-60 makes less noise than a dishwasher and can be powered by electrons from 100% clean sources (you've looked up 'green power' options in your area and called your utility to switch, right?).

This video shows exactly that. These two women are experiencing the ultimate in electric vehicle acceleration, Tesla's Performance version of the new Performance Edition of the Dual Motor Model S. Enjoy the ride:

The P85D that they drive is the one of the right here:

As you can see, the combined motors generate 691-horsepower, making possible a zero to sixty time of 3.2 seconds. I'm sure that there are roller coasters that don't accelerate this quickly...

Another interesting thing to note in the specs above is that the regular dual-motor version (not the beefed up performance model) actually is more efficient than the single-motor Model S. This is because, unlike with gasoline vehicles, having two motors makes electric cars more efficient by allowing the vehicle to optimize regenerative braking and acceleration.


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