Tesla's 100 Superchargers have charged 14 million miles, enough to circle the Earth 573 times!

Tesla 100th Supercharger
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These charging stations are solar-powered and free to use

Tesla doesn't just make great electric cars (Consumer Reports named the Model S 'Best Overall Car' for 2014), it also builds the support infrastructure that pushes them to the next level. The Supercharger network, which was unveiled in the fall of 2012, less than two years ago, has already reached the symbolic milestone of 100 stations (see maps below). This is very impressive, especially when keeping in mind that Tesla is a small company in a tough industry and it is developing many technologies simultaneously from the ground up...

Supercharger #100 is located in Hamilton, New Jersey.

The company has published some numbers that put in perspective just how useful these stations are:

  • Gallons of gas offset by Superchargers: 570,921
  • Dollars saved in collective fuel costs: 2.3 million (Based on current national average of $4.015/gallon for Premium fuel)
  • Miles charged: 14,273,033, enough to circle the globe 573 times
  • Cumulative total energy delivered to date: 4.9 million kWh
  • Cars charged in the last seven days: 5,196
  • Factor by which a Supercharger charges a Model S faster than at a public charging station: 16

So 14 million miles charged with just 100 stations is over 140,000 miles per station in just over two years. That number is actually much bigger than that since the average number of stations open during the past year and some months was much lower than 100. So a more realistic guesstimate is probably over 300,000-400,000 miles charged per station!

This graph tells you everything you need to know about how much faster Supercharger stations are compared to the other charging standards:

Tesla Supercharger speed graphTesla/Screen capture

Tesla has now opened 86 Supercharger stations in North America, 14 in Europe. Below you can see the location of the Supercharger stations currently in operation (many more are in construction and planned):

Tesla Supercharger map North-American April 2014© Tesla

Tesla Supercharger map Europe April 2014© Tesla

How many more Supercharger stations are coming? Well, see for yourself. This is what things should look like by the end of 2015:

Tesla Supercharger map North-America end 2015© Tesla

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Tesla's 100 Superchargers have charged 14 million miles, enough to circle the Earth 573 times!
Making great electric cars is only one of the conditions necessary to transition the transportation sector to electricity. The charging infrastructure is also crucial!

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