White House petition to protect Tesla from auto dealers almost at 100,000 signatures

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Auto dealers have been trying very hard to keep Tesla to sell its electric cars directly to consumers, a move that would bypass the dealership system that few people seem to like (except those who own dealerships) and that Tesla feels would keep it from properly selling its EVs. So far the fight has been fought state by state, but an anonymous Tesla fan is trying to get the White House involved: He or she created a petition asking the Obama administration to step in and "allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states."

To be reviewed by the White House, the petition needs 100,000 signatures by July 5th, a goal that it is very close to achieving (at the time of writing this, there were just over 97,000 99,000 names). If you want to help push it over the edge, you can sign here.

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Even Richard Branson is posting about this petition...

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Even if the White House can't do much because this is a states issue (though I suppose the federal anti-trust authorities could have a look...), this petition could still be very useful. It demonstrates to state politicians that the public is behind Tesla and could bring more media attention to the auto dealers' tactics.

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