Tesla unveils electric car that can turn into a boat — Tesla Model Y

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When Tesla aimed to build an electric sports car that would knock the socks off of just about any gasoline-powered sports car, most people thought it wouldn't happen.

Tesla built the Roadster. From 0—60mph in 3.7 seconds, 245 miles per charge, and all with 0 emissions, the Roadster is a wonder car.

When Tesla aimed to build a mass-market electric sedan that would steal customers away from Mercedes and BMW, many again thought that Tesla would fail. In fact, after Tesla went public, it was one of the most shorted stocks on the market.

Tesla's answer? It successfully built the Model S, which is considered by many to be the best mass-manufactured car in the world. It is certainly pulling a lot of customers from Mercedes, BMW, and Audi... as well as Toyota.

Next in line is the Tesla Model X. Few are doubting this one will get made and will be another wonderful vehicle that will sell well, but there's still plenty of skepticism about a vehicle that is supposed to have the utility of an SUV, the performance of a sports car, and also look beautiful and stylish. The falcon-wing doors are a signature feature, but there are many questions about them. Nonetheless, there seem to be over 12,000 reservations for a vehicle that won't really be available for another year.

Following the Tesla Model X, we're supposed to get an electric car that has similar specs as the Model S but come in at half the price. Due to Tesla's trademarking of the term "Model E," it's expected this affordable electric car will be called the Model E.

Tesla has one more model name trademarked, the Model Y. (Yes, that spells S-E-X-Y.) And it seems we've got a good hint of what this vehicle will be. Tesla this week unveiled that it would be building an electric car that can transform into a boat. This would be especially useful in flood-prone areas, which are increasing thanks to climate change. No images are available yet, but CEO and Chief Product Architect Elon Musk said that it would be similar to the Model X. However, instead of falcon-wing doors, the doors will be able to open out in a way that they will look a bit like dolphin flippers. These flipper doors will also be able to move a bit like a dolphin's flippers. And to round out the essentials needed for keeping afloat, an extension in the back will act somewhat like dolphins' flukes work.

It sounds very interesting, but I'm skeptical. I can see falcon-wing doors making it into a production vehicle, but flippers and flukes? And how many people will really be willing to pay a premium for something they will seldom use?

We'll see. Many have doubted Tesla in the past and had to pay the price for that.

8mm Film: The 1960's Amphicar in Australia! from Grant Willis (VK5GR) on Vimeo.

Hope you're enjoying the 1st of April!

Tesla unveils electric car that can turn into a boat — Tesla Model Y
Tesla may have outdone itself this time.

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