Tesla team attempts Guinness World Record by driving from Los Angeles to New York City

Tesla Coast to Coast Supercharger route
© Tesla

"lowest charge time for an EV traveling across the United States"

After taking an all-electric roadtrip across a few European countries to showcase its brand new Supercharger fast-charging stations (free to use and powered by renewable energy), the team at Tesla has now undertaken a more ambitious expedition.

While it's been possible to drive across the U.S. in an electric car for a long time, until recently it was impossible to do if you wanted to only charge at Supercharger stations, and thus get across the continent as fast as possible, since nothing right now is close to being as fast. At 12:01 AM this morning, two electric Model S sedans left Los Angeles and will try to reach New York City in about 3 days, aiming to set a new Guinness World Record for "lowest charge time for an electric vehicle traveling across the United States."

Tesla Supercharger© Tesla

The final Supercharger station on the cross-country route was turned on just last week, finishing a 3,400 miles long electric highway (which you can see on the map above). There are now more than 70 Supercharger sites around the US. More details on Supercharger technology can be found here.

This record attempt has an extra level of difficulty because electric cars, like all vehicles, use more energy during the winter. A summer attempt could probably in even better time since less energy would be used and so less time would be spent at the charging stations...

Tesla Supercharger stations map© Tesla

The map above shows Tesla's planned stations for 2015, with 98% of the US population and parts of Canada covered. More details on the Supercharger expansion plans here.

Via Tesla

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