Tesla sold 6,900 electric cars in the fourth quarter of 2013, beating expectations by 20%

Tesla Model S
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25% more than Q3 and beating its own guidance by 20%

Tesla has passed another milestone on its way to reaching its goal of making 800 Model S electric cars per week by the end of 2014 (that would be a run-rate of over 40,000 EVs per year). The company has just announced that in the last three months of 2013, they sold and delivered 6,900 electric cars, which is 25% higher than what they sold in the third quarter of the year and 20% above the guidance of "slightly under 6,000" that they had given at the end of that quarter. The market seems to like the news, as shares of Tesla are up more than 12% so far today.

Jerome Guillen, Tesla's vice president of sales and service, also mentioned that Elon Musk and Tesla's engineers are working "feverishly" on the Model X electric crossover that should begin production later this year.

No new guidance for 2014 yet, except for: "What's in store for 2014? It's growth, growth and growth," Guillen said. "On the sales and service side, it's reckless growth."

As for farther in the future, Tesla said that it has no plans to partner with someone else to develop its "Gen III" electric car that is planned for 2017. That's the model that should be produced in mass-market quantities and be priced much lower than the Model S (a good guess is in the $30k range).

Tesla also used the opportunity to highlight its impressive safety record (despite what the media might want you to believe):

Tesla remains the only manufacturer with a perfect safety record of zero deaths or serious, permanent injuries ever. Including the Roadster, Tesla vehicles have now been on the road for almost six years in 31 countries with almost 200 million miles driven to date. Despite dozens of high speed collisions, the driver and passengers have always been protected. This is Tesla’s proudest achievement.

Independent testing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded the Tesla Model S a 5 star safety rating overall and in every subcategory without exception. Of all vehicles tested, including every major make and model approved for sale in the United States, the Model S set a new record for the lowest likelihood of injury to occupants. While the Model S is a sedan, it also exceeded the safety score of all SUV’s and minivans.

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