Tesla showroom goes virtual thanks to Google Streetview

Tesla showroom
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High-resolution window shopping

You're curious about Tesla's electric cars but there's no showroom close to where you live? No problem! A new feature of Google Maps allows you to see inside some buildings view the Streetview interface, and the Seattle Tesla showroom is now available to visit in glorious HD.

Tesla showroomGoogle/Screen capture

Ok, I admit it's not quite the sensory experience that it would be to be there in person, but it's better than nothing if you live far from Tesla's sales points (which you can find by using this convenient feature on their website).

Tesla showroomGoogle/Screen capture

You can even see the view from inside a Model S electric car.

Tesla showroomGoogle/Screen capture

The area that you can visit is a bit bigger than it looks like at first. The store is kind of U-shaped, so if you go all the way to the back, you can come around on the other side and see a few more EVs and part of the car's aluminum structure and an electric motor (which is very small compared to a gas engine, despite being very powerful).

Tesla showroomGoogle/Screen capture

If you want to give it a spin and see for yourself, follow this link.

Tesla showroomGoogle/Screen capture

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