Tesla Roadster Prototype Spotted in NYC

A working prototype of the Tesla Roadster was on hand this weekend at the Green Apple Fest and Margaret Lydecker of Green Drinks got a chance to get behind the wheel -- while it was parked, please drink responsibly! The roadster which can go 0-60 in 4 seconds was also featured this weekend on Fine Living Channel's special "It's Easy Being Green" and will be covered on a future episode of our sponsor Sundance Channel's series "Big Ideas for a Small Planet." Margaret got David Vespremi of Tesla Motors to talk about his Big Idea in this 15 second clip:

Okay, well the big idea is Tesla's EV, but thanks for the love, David! Back at ya! Do you have a Big Idea for helping the environment? You still have until April 30th to upload your digital film to Sundance Channel's Big Idea contest.iTunes and Quicktime users, here are your links for the THTV podcast: iTunes MOV