Tesla doing safety checks at Superchargers, provides instructions for self-check

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Late last week, Tesla announced a very large voluntary recall (covering basically all the Model S EVs that it has produced so far) to verify that part of the seatbelt assembly for the front seats doesn't have a defect. Based on what the company has said so far, only one defect has ever been detected and no injuries resulted from it, but this is the kind of stuff where it's better to be too cautious than not enough, so all Tesla owners are being contacted to make appointments with service centers or for technicians to come do some tests.

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The letter that Tesla has been sending its customers also contains some instructions on how to do a DIY test - which, they stress, doesn't replace the need for an official checkup - for those who want to know right away if there's something wrong with their seatbelts. I think the only reason why Tesla gives those instructions is because the test is fairly straightforward, so it's harder to mess up than if the test was very complex...

But to make things extra clear, a Model S owner who goes by the name of InternetDude on Youtube made a video of his own verification. The first part of the video shows the email from Tesla with the instructions on how to perform the test, and the end of the video shows the actual test. If you have a Tesla and want to perform the test but aren't exactly sure how to do it, here's the video:

Note again that this doesn't replace the need for your EV to be tested by a Tesla technician! This is just an added layer of verification.

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Speaking of official verification: The company has apparently started sending technicians to Supercharger stations to perform impromptu safety checks. This is clever because unlike other automakers, Tesla doesn't yet have as many service points, and it doesn't have a dealer network, so some people who live far from a service center might live close to a Supercharger.

Here's a video by Tesla superfan Bjørn Nyland, who we've written about a few times, showing just how quick and painless the process is:

Other Tesla owners have been reporting the same thing happening at Superchargers stations.

Via Tesla, Teslarati

Tesla doing safety checks at Superchargers, provides instructions for self-check
So far only one Model S has had an issue with the seatbelt assembly, but safety first: If you have a Tesla, make sure to get it checked.

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