Tesla partners with mall owner to open 5 new Supercharger stations

Tesla Supercharger
© Tesla

Tesla and mall operator CBL & Associates Properties have announced a deal to open Tesla Supercharger stations at 5 malls across the USA. This is notable as the first partnership between Tesla and a mall operator, probably only the first of many deals. After all, mall owners can benefit from having Tesla owners stop by (especially if in a few years there's a mass-market Tesla EV that sells really well), and increase the 'cool factor' of their mall. Tesla also benefits because these malls are usually in pretty good locations, making it convenient to charge there for its customers.

The 5 locations will be: The Gulf Coast Town Center in Fort Myers, FL; The Pavilion at Port Orange in Port Orange, FL; Alamance Crossing in Burlington, NC; CherryVale Mall in Rockford, IL and Imperial Valley in El Centro, CA.

By the end of the summer, Tesla will have two dozen stations to support long-distance driving along the most popular routes in North America and where customers want to stop, such as cafes, restaurants, and shopping areas. By the end of the year, Model S drivers will be able to travel coast to coast for free charging along the Supercharging network.

But that's just the beginning. The long-term plan looks more like this:

Tesla Supercharger network© Tesla

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