Tesla now has 2,000 Superchargers, which have powered 86 million electric miles!

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Almost 100 million pounds of CO2 avoided

It was just last April that I wrote about Tesla's big milestone: Their 100th Supercharger station (note that the number of Superchargers and the number of stations isn't quite the same thing, as most stations can charge multiple EVs). That seemed like a lot at the time, but hyper-growth means that you blink and suddenly what seemed big now seems like peanuts. The electric car company has just announced that they have reached a new milestone: They now have 2,000 Supercharger stations, spread over 400 stations. So that's 4x more than last Spring.

To celebrate, they've created this infographic, which shows a few stats on the free-to-use clean-powered super-fast-charging stations. But first, here are the stats that they gave us last April. Compare and contrast:

  • Gallons of gas offset by Superchargers: 570,921
  • Dollars saved in collective fuel costs: 2.3 million (Based on current national average of $4.015/gallon for Premium fuel)
  • Miles charged: 14,273,033, enough to circle the globe 573 times
  • Cumulative total energy delivered to date: 4.9 million kWh
  • Cars charged in the last seven days: 5,196
  • Factor by which a Supercharger charges a Model S faster than at a public charging station: 16

Here's the latest on the Supercharger network:

Tesla 2000 Superchargers infographicTesla/Promo image

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